21 Aug

Featured Vendor- Bluemoon Market Arts

Marcie Amory is a resident of Little Deer Isle. She joins us after a winter in Austin,Texas where she works full time for an Architectural Glass company called Graphic Glass. She has worked in glass for 41 years. Her Bluemoon Market Arts presents us with dazzling dichroic fused glass pendents, earrings, hairclips, tiles, pins, and the odd item that strikes her fancy. Her relationship with a local bee keeper has led her to discovery the wonders of our local honey production; which through hardwork she offers the freshest, rawest most local softly rendered (unpasterized) honey, and very raw winter aged creme ( short supply). She hopes soon to offer her glass on a (to be designed this winter) web site and to discuss with others the magical nature of glass on her Bluemoon Blog.