27 May

We now accept SNAP!!

FINALLY AN OPPORTUNITY FOR MORE COMMUNITY MEMBERS TO BUY LOCAL FOOD. BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE FARMERS AND FOOD PRODUCERS. BRING HOME FRESH MEATS, EGGS, CHEESE, VEGGIES, FRUITS, HOME-MADE BREAD AND BAKED GOODS FROM THE PENINSULA’S LONGEST RUNNING FARMERS’ MARKET. FAMILY FARMS AND FAMILY BUSINESSES COMMITTED TO PROVIDING QUALITY FOOD FOR THE FAMILIES OF MAINE. Starting June 2, then every Saturday 9 to 11:30, The Blue Hill Farmers’ Market welcomes customers buying with their SNAP card. Wholesome Wave, a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts, has issued an “incentive” grant to the Market SNAP program thru the Washington-Hancock Community Agency. The grant money covers the cost of ½ of each SNAP purchase at the Market thru the Summer To use SNAP at the Market, customers need to start at Old Ackley Farm’s table inside the Fairground Building. Information on vendors, where they are and what they sell, will be provided. Participating vendors, so far, include: Old Ackley Farm (chicken, pork, eggs), Blue-zee Farm (fruits, veggie), Garden Lore (goat milk products, eggs), Backstage Farm (veggies, pickles, sauerkraut), Daily Bread (bread), Poland Family Farm (pork, veggies, eggs), Lancaster County Bakery (baked goods), Fork Pie (pie), Tandoor Downeast (Indian take out and canned goods), Lucy’s Granola (granola), Millbrook Bakery (breads, baked goods) Children are welcome at the Market. We have a sandbox, toys, and picnic tables. Contact for ALL questions is Colleen Prentiss 374-5919