Our Members



Backstage Farm*, Blue Hill
Blue Hill Blondes, Blue Hill
Blue-Zee Farm*, Penobscot
Boyd Brook Farming, Frankfort
Clayfield Farm, East Blue Hill
Dan’s Flower Farm, Sedgwick
Five Star Nursery*, Brooklin
Horsepower Farm*, Penobscot
Jolly’s Mushroom Farm, Blue Hill
King Hill Farm*, Penobscot
Rainbow Farm, Franklin
Rock and Pebble Farm, Penobscot
Shalom Orchard Organic Farm & Winery*, Franklin
Sunset Acres Farm, Brooksville
White’s Farm & Smith Smoke House, Winterport
*MOFGA certified organic


Breadbox Bakery, Orland
Eat at Joe’s, Ellsworth
El El Frijoles, Sargentville
Our House, Orland
Sandy’s Blue Hill Cafe, Blue Hill
Sarahndipity, Sedgwick
Tinderhearth Bakery, Brooksville
Wild Blueberry Farm, Harborside

Art, Craft, and

Local Products

Art by Naomi, Bass Harbor
Blue Hill Spoonworks, Blue Hill
Bluemoon Market Arts, Little Deer Isle
Buggle, Blue Hill
Clay Forms Pottery, Sedgwick
Creeping Thyme Farm, Brooklin
JC Turnings, Stonington
Mowery Handcrafts, Milbridge
Nora Flanagan Quilts, Belmont
Pushcart Press, Sedgwick
Seat Weaving, Orland
VKP Studio, Surry
Wings Adrift, Stonington

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